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What we take on our Picnics!

What we take on our Picnics!

Stella Avdi |

Picnics are in full swing and The Flying Fork is here for it! As lockdown restrictions are easing and we are entering day light savings, all of us are definitely eager to get outside and socialise with our nearest and dearest. 

We wanted to give you a run down of our favourite crockery and glassware picks for a picnic. All these items are aesthetically pleasing with the desired feature of being unbreakable! These brands include an array of desirable drinkware and crockery that are just perfect for a social shindig.

Polysafe Drinkware

The Polysafe range is virtually unbreakable, durable and reliable. Made from the highest quality food grade polycarbonate, our drinkware looks and feels like the real glass equivalent. Our diverse range of polycarbonate drinkware is designed to suit all applications and environments with its glasslike characteristics.

Polysafe drink ware


Conveniently packaged and easy to transport, Tossware products feel and look like real glass, with a thin rounded rim that feels identical to real glass on the lips. You never have to stop the party to clean up broken glass again. Never again will your drinking experience be let down by flimsy plastic drinkware in venues where glass isn't allowed! Their shatterproof design keeps you worry-free of accidents that can happen with regular glass cups. 

You can also make your event extra special and customize! Print your logo, event name or just add some fun designs to your tumbler! Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Palm Drinkware

Palm Plastic's vision was to create, in collaboration with Marc Newson, the most glass-like, the most beautiful, the most user friendly and the highest quality unbreakable drinkware range available in the world.

Marc Newson brings his award winning minimalist aesthetic to the creation of this unique range. The result is a beautiful and unique range of unbreakable drinkware. The curved shapes sit naturally in the hand and they feel balanced with their weighed base. The Whisky, Highball, Wine and Flute blend as a family. The coloured bases add a further sense of drama and individuality.


The Palm unbreakable jugs and lids are made from super-tough polycarbonate, it has the clarity of glass, are safe to use and are dishwasher safe. This jug and lid is typically used by families, often to hold juice or water and are usually stored in the refrigerator door.

Palm Plates

Palm unbreakable plates are perfectly suitable for children. There is a soft, non-slip ring underneath that acts as a coaster, protecting table surfaces from scratching and insulating from hot contents. The Palm tough material combined with robust design enables the collection to be guaranteed unbreakable in normal use.

All these products have become our stable picnic and social engagement essentials. They are so durable and so good to look at! We have been pairing them with our favourite beverages and delicious foods.