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Beautiful Crockery for the holiday season

Beautiful Crockery for the holiday season

Stella Avdi |

We have some beautiful ranges in that would make for the perfect New Years Eve decor! The Sango Range presents a stunning mix of colours that mix and match together brilliantly.

Sango Ora Forio Crockery

Taking it’s name from beaches around the world, Ora Forio adds a sense of calm creating a contemporary feel for casual or elegant dining. Mix and Match with Sango colours for a unique eclectic look.

Sango Arica

Rustic in colour and style, Ora Arica adds authentic charm to any table setting, perfectly complimenting a range of dishes. Available in a range of plates and bowls, ideal for rustic, casual or a more formal dining setting.

Sango Avola

The new Ora Avola is a range of oval plates and bowls in subtle greys and neutral tones providing the perfect background for natural ingredients, complimenting modern dining trends.


Sango White

Classic in colour but modern in style, Ora White adds a touch of elegance. With a full range of plates and bowls, these pieces are it