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The dine at home experience with Tablekraft

The dine at home experience with Tablekraft

Stella Avdi |

 The at home dining experience

We've all been spending an extensive time at home through the course of this pandemic. I feel as though each of us have created new ways to make the at home dining experience more exciting. I, for example, have been experimenting with new recipes of a week - attempting to get the restaurant quality at home (it's close enough but not perfected). As well as trying to be more adventurous in the kitchen, i have kept a keen little eye out for new cutlery and crockery to complete the dining experience. 

Discovering TableKraft's cutlery and crockery range has been a personal win for my kitchen. I am all about the Australian, rustic aesthetic that has an underlying elegance to it. This is exactly what Tablekraft reflects. I thought i'd share some of their range with you so as you can see for yourself.

About Tablekraft

Designed right here in Australia and found on the tables of cafes and restaurants all over the country, Tablekraft is designed to be of commercial quality first and foremost. The extensive range of their beautiful cutlery and crockery means there is something for everyone to be found!


Tablekraft Crockery 

Tablekraft’s crockery range is responsible for the “under-the-radar”, everyday winners you see everywhere. It’s unique range of colours and shapes has captured the imagination of chef’s everywhere.
Now, the innovative Tk Porcelain range takes crockery to the next level. The earthy, industrial inspiration then brought forth Tk Urban, Tk Black and the ground-breaking Neo-asian dinnerware range, Tk Soho which can be found carried with good stockists everywhere!

Tablekraft Cutlery 

A big part of being Australian is a “no fuss” attitude, and Tablekraft cutlery is definitely “no fuss”. Constructed from fine quality stainless steel, Tablekraft cutlery sets are superior and will last for years to come. Featuring elegant and timeless designs such as Luxor and Amalfi, the 36 piece Bogart range, Steak Knives, black, gold and rose gold coated Soho cutlery, you are guaranteed to find something to suit any occasion.
It is also dishwasher safe so cleaning up after a meal will be effortless, a win in my books. 

Tablekraft Tumblers

Tablekraft Tumbler's are a stunning representation of an earthy, rustic elegance. Their simple yet intricate design and shape makes them stand out amongst other pieces. They're also just so lovely to hold when drinking your morning cup of tea!


I hope i have extensively talked your ear of on what Tablekraft has to offer, if ever in need reach out to us and we will help find the best picks for you!