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Father's Day Gift Ideas!

Father's Day Gift Ideas!

Stella Avdi |

Father’s Day in lockdown is definitely an unfortunate reminder that many of us can’t see our Dad’s, however as with everything in lockdown, we can adapt and make it a positive day even so!

I’ve always found it a bit trickier to shop for dad, usually mum's the easier gift receiver. Yet when we picked out some gems for The Flying Fork Father’s Day festivities I saw multiple options my father would enjoy!

From glassware and decanters to paella cooktops and cocktail sets, the gift selection offers a variety of preferences for your dad. I will walk you through some of our favourite’s and provide a bit of detail to answer any questions you may have about the products!

Capitol Decanter

Capitol products stand out for their particular vintage design, characterised by solid shapes and squared and sophisticated lines that refer to the style in vogue in the 1940s. This decanter is ideal for serving spirits, has a classic, timeless design and makes for the perfect gift! 

We have also included our beautiful range of mixology glassware, both tumblers and long drink. Perfect for dad's evening whiskey. Along side with our combination whiskey decanter sets. A beautiful gift that provides both Decanter's and their matching glasses. Seen here is the stunning combination whiskey decanter set, a personal favourite and my purchase for my dad! 

Now if Dad's not so much into the whiskey or cocktail life, never fear, we have an excellent selection of craft beer glasses that would sit perfectly with his beer of choice!

Luigi Bormioli Birrateque Collection

Each beer style has its own unique characteristics and bitterness levels. To emphasise the aromas and flavours experienced, each glass has been scientifically designed specifically for craft beer service. They do just look so lovely, a perfect pair to a perfect brew. 

Now a bit of a different vibe here but one that caught my eye straight away. The Paella Set Stand! I honestly hadn't seen something like this till just the other day and am obsessed. 

If Dad's looking to up the level on his BBQ game this would be perfect. The cooktop accommodates a delicious Paella with ingredients of your choice of course. Whilst the below stand is the perfect vessel for condiments and a drink. This definitely is a gift that will keep on giving!

So there you have it, The Flying Fork's top picks for Father's Day! We of course have an extensive, beautiful, further range that we'd love you to explore. And are always here for any questions you have.