Nude Mist Vase - 280x140x380, 8800ml

NudeSKU: CC515557
Perfect Mother's day, gifts or wedding presents. Simple but unique, this luxury corrugated vase works perfectly both in a domestic and professional environment.

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From the designer Tamer Nakis√Éßi, this vase has been handmade in an extraordinary clear yet corrugated glass. The rippled effect creates an optical illusion reflecting the different colours of the contents in an almost magical way.

Flowers particularly are beautifully presented in this vase, the undulation blurring the stems, bringing into focus the colour of the petals. Colorful magazines, reading glasses or everyday objects will be stored elegantly.

When it comes to precision glassware, Nude offers a complete solution for the hospitality industry. Nude is the creator and manufacturer of contemporary glassware. Launched in 2014, in collaboration with artists and designers, Nude has created collections which pay attention to detail whilst creating something inspirational with a sense of simplicity. Nude products are made with only one material: lead-free crystal glass, hand or machine-made, that delivers a level of transparency and delicacy unparalleled in the world of glass.

Additional information:

  • Material Type: Glass
  • Sale Quantity: 1
  • Height (mm): 380
  • Length (mm): 280
  • Width (mm): 140

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