Compostable Paper Straws - Art Series (Pack of 250)

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Pack of 250 straws of various designs from Australian and New-Zealander artists.

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Plastic straws are being phased out, but it doesn't mean that we can't sip anymore! Made from 3 ply premium grade FSC certified paper sourced from managed plantations. These straws are carbon neutral and commercially compostable and recyclable. You can now guilt-free sip on your favorite drink!

The Art Series cups and straws showcase the artwork of at least six Australian and New Zealand artists who explore environmental themes at the core of their practice.

BioPak and The Flying Fork are proud to support and promote the arts community. Impress your guests with our art series straws!

PLEASE NOTE - Straw artwork might differ as different artists are featured every 6 months. Pictured here are designs from the latest Art Series. Unfortunately, we cannot sell individual straw cups and cannot guarantee which prints, or which series of prints will be in each carton.

Additional information:

  • Material Type: Sugarcane Pulp
  • Sale Quantity: 1
  • Length (mm): 19

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