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What is Kombucha?

What is Kombucha?

Elliott Malcolm |

Kombucha, the exotic sounding fermented drink has grown from a relatively niche product enjoyed by a dedicated group of home brew die hards, to a trendy new ‘it’ food, and an alternative to soft drinks and juices. Part of the reason behind kombucha’s recent growth is how easy it is to make. At its most basic, kombucha only requires a handful of ingredients and doesn't need any expensive equipment to produce, which is likely to sound pretty enticing to the cafe or restaurant owner looking for new things to add to their menu.

At its core, kombucha is a sweetened tea that has a culture of yeast and bacteria and an acidic liquid added, and has been left to ferment over a week or so. A well executed brew will produce an effervescent and tangy drink which can be similar to cider. All sorts of flavours can be added to a kombucha brew, meaning you can create your own unique, signature drink that keeps people coming back to your establishment for more, and will serve as a point of difference between you and your competitors. To start producing kombucha for your establishment, it is worth considering getting yourself a brewing kit.

This way, you have all the things you will need to make a great kombucha, without the hassle of relying on trial and error to find which combination of equipment produces the best results. A kombucha brewer’s kit will save you this headache, by providing you with a set-up that has been optimised for kombucha brewing. The Flying Fork has a variety of products available that can complement any Kombucha kit and help you server Kombucha in style, in your establishment, such as: Glass Jugs, Glasses: Funnel with strainer.