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Cocktail Time

Cocktail Time

Elliott Malcolm |

Summer is an exciting and busy period for the hospitality industry, where more people are going out to enjoy a nice meal or drink. When you walk into a pub on a summer’s evening, you’ll notice the place has this energy about it, as if the it has come out of a long hibernation over the winter. People will be crowding into bars all over the country, and restaurants fill up too.

Spending habits change too when it gets warmer, a lot more cocktails and premium spirits tend to make it over the bar. It’s also true that summer means more people, drinking more often. This is great for business, but it can present a few of it’s own challenges, particularly if you are restricted to using plastic drink cups in the evening.

It can be very difficult to sell your premium range if your drinks are served in disposable plastic cups - a big part of the allure of a fine spirit or cocktail is the presentation. This can be lost if the glassware looks more at home at a football stadium.

Do you ever find that your customers are unhappy about fact the aged whiskey is now being served into a disposable plastic cup, when only 20 minutes ago it was in a glass? The Flying Fork’s Polysafe glassware range is a fantastic alternative for you!

Our Polysafe plastic glassware comes in a range of styles, with everything from beer glasses, to wine, and even cocktail glasses, all complying with OLGR restrictions, and are styled to look very similar to their glass counterparts.

These glasses are very strong - Polysafe have driven trucks over their glasses to demonstrate this point. Unlike disposable plastic cups, Polysafe glassware can be washed and reused, and will last you thousands of dishwasher cycles, saving you from having to buy boxes and boxes of disposable cups that get thrown out after a single use.

Polysafe glasses are better for the environment because they produce a smaller carbon footprint than glass. Plus, Polysafe glasses can also be easily recycled. Not that you would be throwing too many out, since they are so robust, reusable and look fantastic.

The high quality finish of Polysafe glasses provide an excellent surface for printing images onto. If you have a logo or image you’d like to see on the side of your glassware, just get in touch with us h Here and we can arrange that for you.

So why not check out our Polysafe range at The Flying Fork, and grab yourself some of these fantastic glasses!