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I am not paper: The environmentally friendly solution to takeaway coffee cups

I am not paper: The environmentally friendly solution to takeaway coffee cups

Stella Avdi |

I personally cannot live without my morning coffee and am quite conscious of trying to bring my keep cup in to avoid waste. But I am definitely a victim of forgetfulness at times and have to resort to the take away coffee cup experience which i’m sure many others are too. 

Wouldn't it be ideal if the cafe itself offered environmentally sound and sustainable takeaway cups, wouldn't that alleviate that morning guilt and allow you to simply enjoy your coffee? 

‘I am not paper’ has the solution we are looking for. Their tree free cup is made up of decomposed plant pulp and not trees. 

What is plant pulp you ask? 

It’s a mix of plant based & upcycled materials used instead of paper or plastic. Naturally sourced from leftover waste streams; repurposed agricultural by-product, fast growing plants and reclaimed post consumer materials. 


The aim of the takeaway game is to stop deforestation and support mother nature. 

Having experienced my takeaway coffee in one of these little numbers i can tell you that they feel great, keeps the inside lovely and warm as well as inspiring that lovely do good feeling for the environment! 

It's been lovely seeing cafes in my local area jump on the i am not paper train. It is developing a sense of eco- friendly community nurture and understanding. 


Why choose me?


Zero trees; saving our rainforests and wild life living in it! 

 No room for toxic nasties in the mix! 

Made of repurposed plant by-product 


Petro chemical free! keeping peeps healthy and our oceans clean


 Printed with plant and water based inks!





wont hang around forever! Bury me at home and ill be worm food 


Stats year one! 




they have stopped 4.02 million pieces of plastic from entering the environment.


& saved 27.2 football fields of Australian forest equivalent from being turned into wood chips.


All our products are of course tree free & bad ass petrochemical plastic free!


You're- helping our mission to end deforestation caused by single use 'paper' products.

You're- protecting wildlife and habitat living in the ecosystem.

You're- becoming a 'Planet Hero', planting a tree per box!


Not all heroes wear capes and tight pants. Everyday people can become a Planet Hero just by using their superpower - Choice. Attract new awareness and gain loyalty from by having a green point of difference;

Meet customer expectations that you are doing your bit for the environment;

Show you are aware and pro-active in taking care for the environment;

Improve employee morale (especially from the eco-conscious millennials);

Achieve a planet friendly alternative in every way.