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Our extensive glassware range is always expanding with quality brands such as Pasabache, Luigi Bormioli, Crown Commercial, Palm, Polysafe and exclusively Ryner Glassware. Our range covers all glassware needs for any type of hospitality venue as well as home customers.
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Commercial grade glassware for restaurants, cafes and homes

We use drinking glasses everyday of our lives, from sipping cold refreshments in the morning, cooling down on a hot afternoon, helping a meal down with a drink, to winding up the day with a nice glass of wine. Yet, despite the wide use of drinking glasses, some people know little about them. What is the reason behind the different shapes and sizes? When is the right time to use a tumbler and what occasion calls for a stemmed glass? The type of glassware being used has the power to enhance meal presentation and enjoyment.

At the Flying Fork, we strive to make sure that businesses and individuals know how to choose the right dining glasses. If you run a hospitality business, it is important to show guests you are knowledgeable about the various types of glasses used to serve different beverages. For instance, white wine is best served in wineglasses that feature a small mouth. A smaller mouth locks in the aromas of white wine, allowing for a richer taste. On the other hand, red wine tastes best when served in glasses with a wide mouth. A generously sized mouth gives red wine enough room to oxidate and develop flavours. A wide rim also allows one the pleasure of breathing in the heavy flavours of red wine with each sip thereby providing an even fuller drinking experience.

Whether you are having a quiet dinner at home with your family, hosting a small cocktail party for your friends, or planning to open a restaurant, it is essential that you invest in the correct drinking glasses. So, where do you begin when shopping for drinking glasses? To put you on the right track, here is a quick guide on all matters glassware, to assist you in making the best buying choice.

The Flying Fork offer a diverse range of glasses with pour lines printed at the 150ml marking. This will greatly improve portion control within venues for ‘wine by the glass’ transactions as well as ensuring 5 equal serves per a 750ml wine bottle. There is a stemware shape with pour line applied for all segments of the market from entry level through to fine dining.

Our diverse range of champagne flutes will ensure all sparkling wines can be paired to the correct flute shape. We offer long, skinny bowl and thin stem options which will give bubbles plenty of room to fizz and tend to keep liquids colder for longer; through to wide bowl options that narrow at the top allowing bubbles to rise, with better aeration.

Understanding the Different Types of Glass Tableware

Shopping for glass tableware is no easy task. The sheer volume of commercial glassware available in the market can leave even the savviest of shoppers bewildered. This is when knowing the respective function of each type of glass comes in handy. Arming yourself with a basic understanding of the various types of glass available allows you to enjoy your shopping experience while making you more adept at selecting the right set of glassware for different applications. The hundreds of options for dining glassware available can be grouped into three main categories, namely:

Drinkware describes glasses that serve water, juice, beverages and other alcoholic drinks. Drinkware glasses come in different shapes and sizes with the common feature being a simple design, which consists of a cylindrical container with a base. They are usually referred to as tumblers.

Stemware is the term used to refer to any type of glass that sits on a stand and features a stem. The stem runs all the way from the bottom of the glass' drinking bowl to the top of the stand. The main purpose of the stem is to provide a place where you can hold your glass without the heat from your hands warming up the contents.

Stemware glasses are mostly used in formal settings such as restaurant glassware, cocktail parties, and business dinners. Stemmed glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The type of drink you intend to serve will determine the ideal stemware glass to use. For example, white wine is served in stemware glasses with a narrow drinking bowl while red wine is usually poured into stemware with wide drinking bowls. Alternatively, sparkling wines such as champagne are served in a tall elegant stemware glass referred to as a flute. A flute basically consists of a long, narrow, stylish bowl that is designed to retain bubbles and sparkle while maximizing flavour. As for dessert wines, a stemware glass with a petite bowl is the best option. The small opening of a petite stemware glass will push wine to the back of the mouth ensuring that the sweetness of a dessert wine does not overwhelm the drinker.

Barware glasses are what you would expect to find in a bar setting. Glasses under this category are solely used for serving alcoholic drinks and tend to come in numerous shapes and sizes. Choices range from beer mugs, to tumbler glasses (a flat bottomed glass), to rocks glasses, to pint glasses, to the very tiny shot glasses which are mostly used for serving strong spirits like tequila. A few stemware glasses such as the hurricane, liqueur, and martini glass, tend to fall under the cocktail barware category of glasses.

What to consider when shopping for dining glassware

Understanding the different types of glasses is just the first step to glass tableware shopping. Even after zeroing in on a glass type, you will still have a wide variety of options. To help narrow down your choices, here are some of the things you will need to consider to ensure you end up with the perfect fit:

Price: When deciding on a price range, keep in mind that it is cheaper to buy glassware wholesale, in carton quantities on The Flying Fork, rather than in singles or packs of six. On The Flying Fork we only sell commercial hospitality grade glassware. Some commercial glasses might be more expensive than others due to country of origin, strength and shape. Wine glass bowls that curve in at the top are more expensive than those left wide open at the top. Some glassware brands like Luigi Bormioli can be more expensive than equivalent shaped glasses, but the quality materials used plays a big part, for example, titanium-fortified crystal makes Luigi Bormioli fine wine glasses a superior glass for strength and style.

Number of glasses required: Knowing how many glasses you need can also help to make an easy shopping experience. For home use, a glass for each place setting at your dining table plus a few extras for good measure should be enough. Restaurant and bar owners on the other hand can buy in sets or take advantage of carton packs that glassware wholesale suppliers offer. As a general rule, when setting up a café or restaurant, you should purchase 1.5 times the number of seats at the venue. On average you’ll have a third of glasses on the tables, one third in the dishwasher and the last third in storage ready to go for the waiters serving new customers.

How often you will be using the glasses: Consider that some glassware types are used more frequently than others, such as schooner glasses and red wine glasses. It’s important to make sure that the high use glasses are high quality to help your hospitality business run as efficiently as possible. Throwing out inferior glassware because of chipping and purchasing more glasses just adds wasted time to your busy schedule, so get it right the first time and let The Flying Fork show you what glassware is right for your use.

The kind of glassware you already own: If you are replacing glassware stock in your venue or home, consider the shapes and themes you have. Do you want to retain the same theme? If so, send a picture into The Flying Fork so we can identify a glass that will suit your environment. With so many glassware brands and shapes available, we will be able to help you find the shape and size you need.

Glass craftsmanship

The craftsmanship of a glassware plays a huge role in determining its durability, purpose, and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, to ensure the glasses you pick will serve their intended purposes well, it is prudent to look at their craftsmanship before making a purchase. Glasses usually come in 3 common kinds:

Traditional glass : Made from materials such as sand, ash, and limestone, traditional glasses are generally light in weight and do not diffract light through them. Most traditional glasses are dishwasher safe and therefore the ideal choice for everyday use in homes and restaurants. They are also the practical choice for large, busy gatherings that demand the use of many glasses. The great thing about traditional glasses is that they have a long lifespan that enables them to be used repeatedly without losing quality, as long as they don’t get dropped.

Crystal: More delicate in nature compared to traditional glasses, crystal glasses are designed for use at special occasions and formal gatherings. A crystal glass is made from the same materials as traditional glass with the addition of lead oxide. The presence of lead oxide in crystal glass makes it finer in quality, heavier in feel, and delivers a sparkling clarity to the glass. It is due to this fineness that crystal glasses fetch a higher market price than the average traditional glasses. This fine quality also places a high maintenance demand on these kinds of glasses. You need to hand wash dining glasses made of crystal using things like ammonia and lemon juice in order to preserve the glass’ quality. They are weighty, beautifully clear, and well known for providing a magnificent wine tasting experience. Generally, the higher the lead oxide percentage, the greater the quality and the more sparkly a lead crystal will look.

Unleaded Crystal : Often used as an alternative to lead crystals, unleaded crystals comprise of materials such barium carbonate, zinc, and titanium oxides in place of lead oxide. They contain similar properties as lead crystals with the only exception being that unleaded crystals are lighter in weight.

Why you should also invest in decanters

Drinking glasses and decanters often go hand in hand. So, if you will be serving plenty of juice in your home or restaurant, it is also worthwhile investing in a decanter or two to complete the set. From serving cold beverages, to airing out wine, to functioning as a cocktail mixer, to simply holding water, a decanter is a versatile piece of glasswork that is always handy to have. Just like glasses, decanters offer an array of options in different shapes, sizes and designs.

Get top-shelf glasses at The Flying Fork

If quality is what you are looking for, The Flying Fork is a Sydney based glassware supplier with an extensive range of products that cover everything from hi-ball glasses and beer mugs, to stemless and stemware wine glasses. Also included in The Flying Fork’s glass stock are several options for decanters, carafes, and creamer & sugar bowl sets, as well as glass teapots and French presses. Therefore, whether you are homeowner, restaurateur, or bar owner, you can be sure that we have just the perfect glass pieces for you. The Flying Fork offers excellent quality glasswork from reputable brands such as Pasabache, Crown Commercial, Palm, Luigi Bormioli, Ryner and others commercial grade brands.

Another advantage of choosing The Flying Fork as your Australian wholesale glassware shopping destination is that you will get to enjoy a convenient, fast, and stress-free buying experience. Our search filtering system makes shopping fast and easy by allowing you the pleasure of searching by category, brand, colour, price range, and quantity. You can also limit your search to glasses featuring a specific capacity, height, width, and diameter. If you know what you are looking for in glass tableware you will be able to find the perfect match at the Flying Fork within minutes. Delivery is also fast, safe and covered by our break free returns policy.

Offering a huge array of commercial quality glasses, a great shopping experience, fast delivery, and even the option of having your glasses custom branded, The Flying Fork is the place to shop for the best wholesale glassware the world has to offer.

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  3. Conical Headmaster - 425ml, sandblasted
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  8. Crysta III Lager - 370ml
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  12. Oxford Pint - 570ml, Nucleated
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  13. Palm Unbreakable Wine Glass - 300ml
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  14. Pilsener - 200ml
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  15. Polycarbonate Bellini Flute 170ml (with 150ml Pour Line)
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  16. Polycarbonate Casablanca Rock Old - 266ml
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  17. Polycarbonate Jasper Tumbler 270ml
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  18. Polycarbonate Martini Cocktail 200ml
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  19. Polycarbonate Rock Tumbler 240ml - Clear
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  20. Polycarbonate Shot 30ml
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  21. Polycarbonate Vino Blanco 250ml (with 150ml Pour Line)
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  22. Polycarbonate Vino Rosso 400ml with 150ml Pour Line
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  23. Polycarbonate Vino Stemless 400ml (with 150ml Pour Line)
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  24. Sherry Port - 60ml, Crysta Iii
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  25. Tiara Double Old Fashioned - 365ml
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  26. Tiara Old Fashioned - 270ml
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  27. Timeless Double Old Fashioned - 355ml
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  28. Tossware Champagne Flute - 266ml
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  29. Tossware Mini Champagne Flute - 177ml
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  30. Tossware Taster - 118ml
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  31. Tossware Tumbler / Vino - 355ml
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  32. Tossware Tumbler / Vino - 414ml
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  33. Tulip Pint - 570ml
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  34. Viva Tall Pilsner - 420ml
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  35. Washington - 200ml
    $1.29 As low as $1.05
  36. Whiskey - 355ml, Elysia
    $3.66 As low as $3.00
  37. Wine / Cocktail, 550ml - Timeless
    $5.52 As low as $4.86
  38. Wine Taster - 215ml
    $2.57 As low as $2.18
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