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Respecting both traditional and contemporary shapes and forms, we are proud to represent iconic global crockery brands: Churchill out of the UK and Bauscher manufactured in Germany. We continue to grow our innovative crockery brands offering diverse products that range from basic porcelain, stone and urbanware to fine bone china. Exciting moulds, colour palates and finishes, coupled with our commitment to accommodate all styles of cuisine has produced highly functional pieces for today's restauranteur.
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The Flying Fork Wholesale and Commercial Crockery

When in need of quality commercial crockery supplies in Australia, look no further than The Flying Fork. Our online store is your one-stop-shop for all kinds of plates, bowls, cups, mugs, saucers and display dishware at wholesale prices. Select from a diverse range of porcelain, bone china, stoneware, and earthenware crockery. Whether you run a café, hotel, restaurant, catering business or any other venture in the hospitality industry, our selection of exciting dishware moulds, colour options, and finishes will cater to your specific business needs. We stock tableware from leading brands like Churchill, Zuma, Art De Cuisine, Rockingham, Luzerne, Basics, Bevande, La Tapa and Australian Fine China (AFC). We continue to expand our brand selection with a focus on choosing reputable manufacturers who produce high-quality crockery products. Below is a list of products to expect from our crockery range.

Our Crockery Product Range

Traditionally, the term crockery refers to any dinnerware made of clay or natural ceramic materials. Our product range in this category spans from serving dishes to tableware for holding individual meal portions and condiments. The Flying Fork, is the fastest café crockery supplier in Australia and we are always updating our product offerings. If your interest is in crockery items, our product range includes the following:

  • Plates: Our plate choices provide many colours and patterns to choose from, including designs adorned with flower artwork. Besides the conventional round plates, you can choose to go for other unusual designs such as oval, square, rectangular, triangular or bite-style dining plates.
  • Bowls: The Flying Fork supplies bowls for serving everything from side dishes and desserts to salads and soup.
  • Cups: From tall and short to tapered and can-shaped ceramic cups, we stock a wide array of crockery for serving different beverages. Coffee cups come in a wide variety of colours and shapes to cater for all café’s around Australia, such as coffee cups, coffee mugs, latte cups, latte mugs, baby chino cups, cappuccino cups, espresso cups and stackable tea cups.
  • Saucers: Serve condiments and sauces or place teacups on the unique saucers that the Flying Fork offers. Saucer choices are available in plenty of sizes, shades, and patterns.
  • Teapots: There is no better way to serve tea at your restaurant than with traditional style teapots that exude a homely feel. We offer teapots in many styles and colours to compliment your restaurant theme.
  • Creamers: Many diners prefer their tea or coffee with milk on the side. Serve your hot beverage orders the professional way with creamers. We offer different styles and colours including creamers with handles for easy serving and milk jugs.
  • Platters: Perfect for serving cut fruits, sandwiches, mini-pastries, and other dishes that are ideal for good presentation. Serving platters are indispensable when you plan to serve multiple guests.
  • Mini Saucepans: Choose from our unique selection of mini saucepans for creatively serving starters, desserts, individual portions or sauces. Some of the designs feature a serving spout for easy pouring.
  • Cookware: Bake your favourite meals everything from casseroles to ramekins with our ceramic cookware. Our commercial grade cookware has a high thermal shock resistance, so it can go from oven-to-tabletop without cracking or breaking.
  • Mezze & Tapas Dishes: Eateries that indulge guests in Spanish and Turkish cuisine will find our selection of Tapas and Mezze servingware to be a valuable addition to their crockery supplies. Serve those tiny appetizers and multi-course snacks with our innovative Mezze/Tapas dishes, which are available in numerous shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Accessories: For all your additional restaurant crockery supplies, The Flying Fork offers ceramic saltshakers, chopstick rests, sugar bowls or flower vases, among many, many other crockery accessories.

Crockery Buying Guide

There are many different shapes, sizes and patterns of crockery. Many pieces have traditional uses in the hospitality industry while others are new contemporary pieces designed to set your venue apart from the rest. As a result, choosing which type of crockery to buy for your restaurant or catering business can be a daunting task. At The Flying Fork, helping customers make informed buying decisions in is what we do best. This buying guide can steer you in the right direction as you begin stocking your commercial kitchen. The following are important factors to consider when shopping for commercial crockery.

Know Your Budget

Commercial dinnerware is often sold in boxes of 6 items or more. It’s normally best to determine a budget range for your crockery supplies based on the number of people your business intends to serve and the quality of the crockery you would like to offer. Hospitality venues will need enough plates, bowls and cups for; customers sat at tables, used dishes going through the dishwasher(s) and clean dishes ready to serve new customers. Make sure your venue has enough dishes to cater for busy periods, because kitchen hands rushing with your new crockery can lead to a higher amount of breakages.

Keep in mind though, that commercial grade dishware typically costs more than domestic crockery. After all, these dishes are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in a commercial foodservice environment.

Generally, you can save more by buying tableware in bulk. At The Flying Fork, we offer wholesale crockery pricing to help you lower your dishware costs, plus our wide range of brands help customers to find something within their budget. We also offer tiered pricing on selected crockery items, so the more you order, the bigger the discount.

In terms of price ranges for different brands, Churchill, Chefoward and Kenny Mack are ranked among the most expensive because of their very high quality and durability. Then the middle range brands are Luzerne, Zuma, La Tapa, Bevande, Rockingham. The most affordable range is Trenton Basics for those wanting pure practicality.

Consider Your Menu

The type of food that your café, restaurant, or catering business serves will largely determine which types of dinnerware are appropriate to use. Ideally, the chosen crockery should be functional and suitable for the menu you offer your customers. For example, a tapas bar serving many small dishes will need plenty of La Tapa’s small bowls and platters. In contrast, buffet guests will require large dinner plates to hold all the different food portions served at a large catering event. If you run a coffee shop, having ceramic mugs, saucers and dessert plates for placing pastries will be essential. Whatever type of food your hospitality business specializes in, give careful consideration to the menu when shopping for crockery supplies.

Choose Appropriate Crockery Sizes and Colours

Restaurant crockery comes in a wide range of sizes. There are a few factors to consider when choosing plate sizes.

To begin with, make sure your dimension choices cater for the food portion sizes you intend to serve. Are you planning to serve large meals or small snacks? How will you present the food on the plate?

Secondly consider what colours your food will mostly be and whether it will match the colour of the crockery you are selecting. Some new hospitality venues utilise the mood boards and designs from interior decorators and designers to help them choose the colour and texture of their new crockery. Consider the table surface colour for example, as that will be background for your new plates and bowls.

Thirdly, choose crockery sizes from a practical point of view. Being practical simply means considering your space and storage restrictions before buying anything. The tableware you choose should fit inside the dishwasher as well as cupboards and shelves in your storage room. Consider choosing stackable crockery to maximize use of available space if your venue has a low amount of storage space.

Textured Finishes

Selecting restaurant and catering crockery goes beyond just being functional. In today’s world, food lovers judge the dining experience on just about everything when they visit eateries. The plate you use to serve a dish is just as important as the food itself.

The right mix of table top plates, bowls and cups can add personality and vibrancy to a table setting and improve food presentation enormously. It is important, therefore, to choose crockery designs that reflect the style and ambiance you are trying to create in your dining establishment.

At The Flying Fork, we offer plenty of crockery textures and patterns to choose from, allowing you to find designs that will complement your restaurant decor. If you want to impress diners with something unique, consider serving food on Luzerne textured plates for example. Our square, triangular, oval and bite-style plates can make your tableware stand out from the rest. Always double check dimensions of unusually shaped plates and large platters to make sure that they will fit into your kitchen cabinets and dishwasher.


Commercial dishes and crockery can suffer a lot of wear and tear during daily use. In a busy restaurant, tableware can serve food several times a day and require constant washing in heavy-duty dishwashers. In addition, crockery used for outside catering will be subjected to more frequent knocks during bumpy rides to and from venues. For these reasons, it comes as no surprise that commercial grade tableware needs to be more durable and longer lasting than home use tableware.

The problem with ceramics is that even the slightest chip will render these items unusable. Any business that cares about projecting a professional image would never serve food on chipped dishes.

If you are not careful with your crockery, the cost of replacing breakages can add up quickly. So it is important to purchase durable crockery that is made for hospitality use. There are some fantastic vitrified porcelain dishes here at The Flying Fork, which are designed specifically for catering use. We also have chip resistant crockery designed to use in a freezer, oven, microwave, or dishwasher.

Making durability a priority does not necessarily mean buying the most expensive crockery. There needs to be a balance between cost and durability that suits your hospitality business. Have a good look at our crockery online, purchase online for fast delivery and let us know if you need help at any time.


There are several materials used to manufacture ceramic crockery. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses as described below.

  • Porcelain:This is a classic choice when it comes to crockery products. Potters manufacture tempered porcelain dishware by heating clay at very high temperatures. The final product is usually a hard, vitrified, slightly translucent ceramic, which can be either plain white or patterned. Products made with this material tend to have a smooth glazed finish. Porcelain tableware can break easily when dropped. Despite being fragile, porcelain items can handle daily restaurant use and they can go into the microwave, dishwasher or freezer.
  • Earthenware:The earliest material used in pottery, earthenware crockery make timeless dining pieces with a rustic appeal. Earthenware is typically made from unrefined clay fired at low temperature. This process produces hardwearing tableware coated with a simple glaze. Ceramic earthenware is quite heavy, which makes it ideal for making cookware like pots and roasting dishes. Although it is not chip-resistant, this material is suitable to use in an oven, microwave, freezer, or dishwasher.
  • Stoneware:Stoneware dishes do not chip as easily as earthenware items because they are fired at higher temperatures. These dishes are partially vitrified, so they have a more opaque finish compared to porcelain tableware. Stoneware items usually have a brownish or greyish shade due to the impurities in unrefined clay. However, they can be glazed for a whiter and shinier finish. Crockery made of stoneware tends to heat up evenly and gradually, making them a great choice for making ceramic baking dishes. In addition to being chip resistant, stoneware items do not scratch easily.
  • Bone China:Loved for its vivid white finish, Bone China is a popular material for manufacturing crockery for formal dining. Tableware made from this material contains a certain percentage of bone ash mixed with other materials like ball clay, feldspar, quartz, and kaolin. Sometimes customers confuse Fine China as being similar to Bone China but there is a slight difference. Bone China tableware are made with cow bone ash, which results in a translucent finish that lets in more light compared to Fine China crockery. The advantage of both Bone and Fine China is that these materials produce remarkably strong tableware. In fact, manufacturers tend to make very thin Bone China utensils that have a delicate, refined finish.

Buy Crockery Online at The Flying Fork

Shopping for ceramic crockery at The Flying Fork is easy. Once you have an idea of what you are interested in, simply enter keywords such as “round plate” or “porcelain dish” into the search box. Our real time search algorithm updates the results suggestions with your input. Alternatively, browse our brand categories and choose the type of crockery you need. Our store offers plenty of search filters, allowing you to sort crockery listings based on colour, dimensions, price, or sale quantity.

At the Flying Fork, we strive to be one of the most convenient and fastest catering crockery suppliers in Australia. We will deliver hospitality supplies to any businesses premises in Australia as fast as possible. Alternatively, customers can select pickup from our Sydney warehouse when checking out online.

Making the Flying Fork your supplier of choice for ceramic tableware is the best choice you can make for a number of reasons. For starters, our extensive selection of crockery brands and hospitality products will leave you spoilt for choice. We understand that preferences for tableware vary for every restaurant or catering business. Therefore, our diverse selection of crockery supplies aims to match as many preferences as possible.

Secondly, we provide competitive prices by eliminating middlemen in the supply chain. Our boxed tableware quantities come directly from the manufactures and importers, so buyers can take advantage of attractive café crockery wholesale in bulk and tiered prices. Lastly, we take the quality of your commercial dishware seriously and only supply hospitality products from trusted brands.

If you have questions about any product from our crockery range, contact us today. Our friendly and helpful customer care staff will be happy to assist you with your plates, bowls, platters, cups and saucers.

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