Tossware is a new kind of high quality disposable drinkware with a difference. These glasses are the guilt free type of disposable - 100% recycleable! They are also BPA-free, shatter-proof, and are stackable, which is super handy for storage. When washed by hand, Tossware can also be re-used. The other great thing about these disposable glasses is the way they look; they have a stylish shape that is very different to other disposable products on the market, opting for rounded, organic shapes rather than the ugly plastic cups you get at festivals. These are glasses that you won't want to throw out. They come in a range of sizes, small wine glass sized, up to pint glasses. Thanks to their unique shape, Tossware can be stacked. Each style of glass has been shaped so the base will interlock with the lip of the next glass of the same size and style. This makes handling large numbers of glass much easier.

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  1. Tossware Champagne Flute - 266ml
    $2.50 As low as $2.22
  2. Tossware Mini Champagne Flute - 177ml
    $1.69 As low as $1.53
  3. Tossware Taster - 118ml
    $1.39 As low as $1.24
  4. Tossware Tumbler / Vino - 355ml
    $2.33 As low as $2.26
  5. Tossware Tumbler / Vino - 414ml
    $2.53 As low as $2.33
  6. Tossware Tumbler / Vino - 532ml
    $2.83 As low as $2.50
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