Pasabache’s expertise in making high quality glassware stretches back decades to its beginnings in Istanbul in the 1930s. Boasting a range that includes every sort of glass you can imagine, from shot glasses to wine glasses, and even vintage style crystal cut glasses, Pasabache have established themselves as industry leaders in the glass manufacturing industry. Whether you’re drinking a cocktail, wine, or even plain old water, these are glasses that are a delight to handle.

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  1. Boston Shot - 30ml
    $1.27 As low as $1.09
  2. Champagne Saucer, 270ml - Timeless
    $4.36 As low as $3.62
  3. Timeless Double Old Fashioned - 355ml
    $3.95 As low as $3.50
  4. Wine / Cocktail, 550ml - Timeless
    $5.52 As low as $4.86
  5. Wine Taster - 215ml
    $2.57 As low as $2.18
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