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How to equip your Airbnb kitchen

How to equip your Airbnb kitchen

Elliott Malcolm |

Becoming an AirBnB host offers all sorts of perks and experiences.You’ll be welcoming travellers to your home, sharpening your hospitality and people skills, and you get to show off the best aspects of your town to your guests. It’s also a great opportunity to generate income from the short term rental market.

To maintain a regular stream of bookings, and generate positive feedback from your guests, it’s important that everyone has a great experience while staying at your AirBnB. An easy way to improve your guest’s experience is to provide a good quality kitchen that’s set up with the right cooking utensils and food prep equipment.

But what does a well equipped kitchen actually look like? The sort of kitchen supplies you should include will allow people to easily make simple and not so simple dishes while they stay at your AirBnB.

Crockery: Having some basic plates and bowls is an obvious start, but having a nice set of crockery and can really lend a sense occasion for your guest’s dining experience and give your AirBnB listing a chance to stand out from the crowd - it’s a tactic that cafes and restaurants have been using for decades. A good starting point would be to include some plates for dinners and lunches (plus the odd hot breakfast!) and some bowls for soups, cereals and pastas, and small side plates to accommodate things like sandwiches and light snacks. Some tea/coffee mugs and a teapot wouldn’t go astray either. At The Flying Fork, we offer a huge range of different styles and brands when it comes to crockery, meaning we have something for pretty much any budget and aesthetic. Check out the range by visiting: Crockery

Cutting Boards: Preparing a nice meal often involves a lot of cutting, that’s why it’s important to make sure have a sturdy dishwasher safe cutting board. Plastic boards are good because like wood, they are less likely to blunt your knives than a stone board, but unlike wood, the plastic boards won’t split and fall apart after they’ve been put through the dishwasher a few times. The Flying Fork has a plethora of Polyethylene cutting boards with sizes ranging from small to very big, to have a look at the range visit: Cutting boards

Kitchen Knives: After chopping boards, the next logical step is to think about knives. For a really basic set up, you will probably want at least kitchen knives 2-3 knives in your set up, a paring knife for cutting small things like fruit and small veggies, a chef’s knife for handling the meat and the larger veggies, and possibly a bread knife (is your AirBnB near any fancy bakeries?) Whether it’s chopping meat and veg for a sit-down dinner, or just making a simple cheese sandwich, having the right kitchen knives will make meal prep a lot easier, and your guests will thank you for it. At the Flying Fork, we have a big range of knives, with lots of sizes to choose from, and if you wanted to show off your sharp new culinary acquisitions, you could do worse than storing them on one of our wall mounted knife racks. For a closer look at the range of knives and related accessories, check out: Knives

Cutlery: Now you’ve got the big sharp knives sorted, what about the smaller, blunter knives (and forks, and spoons) you use at the dinner table? To start with, you will need to include a selection of knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons to satisfy your guest’s basic requirements for handling food. At the Flying Fork, we have a huge range of cutlery, or as the industry calls it ‘flatware’ that caters (pun not intended) to just about every aesthetic and budget, so why not check out our range on: Cutlery

Glassware: Most of your guests will be on holiday, or in town for work commitments, and will want to relax and with a nice drink during their stay in your AirBnB. That’s why choosing the right glassware to provide is another important step in setting up your new AirBnB listing. A good starting point would be a selection of wine glasses and some shorter tumbler glasses. If you’re AirBnB is catering for families, or if you have a pool area that you’d like to keep glass free, you might want to consider a sturdy, commercial grade non-glass equivalent, such as Polycarbonate, or Tritan glassware. For a closer look at the Flying Fork’s huge range of glassware, check out: Glass OR Non-glass 

Tableware: Finally,you might want to get yourself some tabletop items, such as salt and pepper grinders, and perhaps a stylish teapot to give your AirBnB a real homely feel by giving your guests the opportunity to have a nice meal, which they can season to their liking, and enjoy it with a nice cup of tea! Take a look at our range here: Tableware

For the small amount of money you invest in your AirBnB’s kitchen facilities, you can make your place stand out with quality hospitality products that customers are used to seeing in restaurants and cafes. And because all the products on The Flying Fork are commercial grade, you can rest easy knowing that these kitchen supplies will last a long time so you get the best economical return. Kitchen set up checklist Here is a list of essential products for a quality kitchen set up. Click on each item to be directed to our catalogue.