Nude Stem Zero - Elegant Champagne Flute, 300ml

NudeSKU: CC532021
Dramatic shape with a fine and delicate stem to enhance aromas and finely showcase fine Champagne's bubbles.

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Stem Zero is a simple and elegant range of highly sophisticated glassware. The fine, light weight construction defies the hidden strength, whilst allowing you to savour the aroma and intensifying the complex perfume of the Champagne.

When it comes to precision glassware, Nude offers a complete solution for the hospitality industry. Nude is the creator and manufacturer of contemporary glassware. Launched in 2014, in collaboration with artists and designers, Nude has created collections which pay attention to detail whilst creating something inspirational with a sense of simplicity. Nude products are made with only one material: lead-free crystal glass, that delivers a level of transparency and delicacy unparalleled in the world of glass.

Additional information:

  • Sale Quantity: 12
  • Height (mm): 260

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