Naked Powder - Spiced Chai Powder, 1kg

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Gluten free and flavoursome chai powder for your smoothies, hot beverages or shakes.

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Being bear naked is exposure. Naked syrups expose the truth of natural syrups without the artificials. What you see is what you get! They bring you a brand with big personality, yet innocent and untained.

All powders are Gluten Free, Only use Natural Flavours & Colours and are Australian Made. Naked Syrups offer a full range of easy to use Beverage Powders allowing you to customise your beverages. Designed to be served both hot & cold they can be used across your menu for multiple beverage applications throughout the year. All powders are Gluten free & use natural ingredients.

The Naked Syrups Spiced Chai latte combines real spices, natural ingredients & black tea following the traditional Chai flavours. Balancing sweetness and spices in every cup. Can be used in hot or cold application..

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