Coffee cup - 237ml, 8oz, Compostable, box of 1000

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When you have just enough time to enjoy just enough coffee with just enough milk, & when you've just about had enough of your friends conversation, these "just enough" cups will save you, just about every time!

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‘ I AM NOT PAPER’ exists to create products that allow humans and nature to exist in harmony by reducing use of forest-reliant paper products because they cause deforestation, animal and habitat destruction.

We're talking about using wheat stems, corn stalks, all types of cane, potato starches, and sustainable fast growing plant alternatives like grass, reed, straw, flax fibre, bagasse etc, pretty much all the offs cuts and bits we can save, and repurpose into making 'I am not paper'. Leaving nothing wasted, but re-engineered and re-newed.

That means not even one tree needs to be cut down, animals left homeless or habitat destroyed. Ever! So I AM NOT PAPER has created a material that, put simply, does good from the start. But what about the end?

They’ve tricked it out too. 100% reclaimed, recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and printed with plant based inks. Holla at that young blood! They’ve been designing, manufacturing and distributing products that don’t eat up natural resources (forests) from the 'start of life', and won’t harm our planet (landfill) at the 'end of the day'. Perfect circle for us square heads.

So... throw 'I am not paper' products out with the food scraps, add some used coffee grounds, grass clippings from Sunday morning, sprinkle some rain and season with only a little bit of time, and it'll be gone before you know it. Voila! all gone.

Happy planet!

Why choosing I AM NOT PAPER?

  • All our products are of course tree free & bad ass petrochemical plastic free!
  • So... 2. You're- helping our mission to end deforestation caused by single use 'paper' products.
  • 3. You're- protecting wildlife and habitat living in the ecosystem.
  • 4. You're- becoming a 'Planet Hero', planting a tree per box!

    Not all heroes wear capes and tight pants. Everyday people can become a Planet Hero just by using their superpower - Choice.
  • Attract new awareness and gain loyalty from by having a ‚Äògreen‚Äô point of difference;
  • Meet customer expectations that you are ‚Äòdoing your bit‚Äô for the environment;
  • Show you‚Äôre aware and pro-active in taking care for the environment;
  • Improve employee morale (especially from the eco-conscious millennials);
  • Achieve a planet friendly alternative in every way.
  • Additional information:

    • Material Type: PlantPulp RAW
    • Sale Quantity: 1
    • Height (mm): 79

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