Backpack Vacuum - Origin 100BV, Corded

OriginSKU: 100BV
For commercial vacuuming where performance is required with low CO2 emissions.

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100BV is the energy efficient sucker.

Origin is famous for designing and building the world's first moulded back vacuum cleaner that offers unique features to protect walls on impact, ergonomic design and powerful motors. Less wall damage with the vertical vacuum hose fiting down behind the operator. The vacuum hose doesn't stick out and knock over objects on shelves or tables. Top canister tapered inwards to help protect wall damage. 3 unique soft TPR moulded bumper for impact energy absorption and non marking shocks.

Air is exhausted in the front of the machine and upward direction meaning no disturbance of papers on desks even when the operator is in a bent over position. The 10cm flexible polypropylene dual wall absorbs motor heat, impacts to help prevent damage and makes carying it more comfortable for the operator. No heat is transferred to the operator. No air blowing onto the operator head. Shoulder pads ergonomically designed and contoured to fit correctly. Adjustable secondary pad to ensure maximum support across the shoulders. Unique shoulder pivot design for better adjustments to prevent pads from rubbing against the neck. Adjustable elasticized wrap around pads to support the vac's weight over the hips and abdominal area. No vibration is transferred to the operator's back.

Technical features include: 4 stages of filtration. The dust filter bag is made from a 100% polypropylene laminate structure. This material will not support biological growth, like bacteria, mould or mildiew, should the bag get wet. The filter material has surface filtration. Improving the filtrations and allowing easy cleaning. Full vacuum performance continues even as the bag fills to the 5 liter capacity.

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Additional information:

  • Material Type: Cast Alloy
  • Sale Quantity: 1

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