Ameru Single Origin PB "Vifaru" - Roasted coffee beans, 250gr

Higher density and a more concentrated, robust flavour give this bean a rich aroma and distinct acidity; Named after our rare Kenya Rhino.

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When roasting, Ameru always aims to roast smaller volumes, but more frequently to assure it doesn't sit too long on the shelf and stays fresh. What they sell will never be older than 3 weeks, bearing in mind that the coffee needs to rest for one week after roasting and only from the second week its characteristics really start to unfold when grinding and brewing. Kenyan beans are of distinctively good quality. Ameru takes freshness very seriously to assure there is no compromise on the coffee's speciality features.

Based in Sydney and Kenya, Ameru Coffee is an importer and supplier of premium coffee beans. They supply various kinds of coffee products such as green beans, roasted beans and ground coffee according to customers needs and business profiles - all grown in Kenya and roasted & packaged in Australia.

Ameru coffee operates in a "crop to cup" bean sourcing system, buying directly from the farmers in Kenya. These direct trades not only allows them best access to premium quality coffee but also gives them the opportunity to directly impact and support the livelihood of the local communities. Ethical trade, fair treatment and maintaining very close relationships with the local farmers is at the very core of Ameru's mission to provide sustainable development and livelihood improvements to the locals through engagement in direct sales.

Grown at an altitude of about 1600-1900 metres above sea level on rich volcanic soils at the slopes of Mt. Kenya, Kenyan coffee beans offer a unique taste and aroma and it is those beneficial geographic as well as climatic conditions that give our beans their distinct global identity. Well known for its intense flavor and the pleasant mild aroma with notes of cocoa distinguish our carefully selected Kenyan coffee from beans of other origins.

At Ameru it is not just about supplying and serving coffee it is also about creating a bond with Africa, which is why they named their single origin coffee beans after the "big five" Africa animals.

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