Environmentally Responsible Hospitality Supplies

The Flying Fork is more than just a great place to buy hospitality supplies, we distribute quality products in ways that have the lowest possible impact on our environment. We focus on sourcing environmentally friendly hospitality supplies such as as non-plastic disposables, re-usable cups, recycled and recyclable cups. We hate single use plastic and never want to support or recommend it's use. We go out of our way to source locally made products that have the lowest transport distance to our customers. Plus we make sure our fulfilment operations are energy efficient and we recycle whereever possible, such as re-using boxes and packaging for deliveries.

How do we provide environmentally friendly hospitality supplies?

We focus on selling hospitaltity supplies that:

  • have a long lifespan under heavy use - we want to minimise disposal of products
  • are recyclable - so customers can put used products in recycling bins
  • are compostable - so used products decompose as fast as possible, reducing landfill


Selling and using disposable products made from plastic is no longer cool, responsible or fair to future generations. There is no logical reason for using plastic in single use scenarios so we do not support their use.

Say no to plastic disposablesSay no to plastic disposable containers


What's so good about locally made?

If we can minimise the distance your hospitality supplies travel, we are helping to reduce green house emissions from trucks, ships and planes. Plus it makes us look good because your order gets to you faster!

When we find locally made hospitality products like ELKA toilet paper, we start rolling in it 'like pigs in ....'. That is to say, we stop selling toilet paper made overseas and focus on selling the locally made toilet paper. We also support little Aussie manufacturers like Origin, who make vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers in Western Sydney. It sucks to purchase vacuum cleaners made overseas.

How do we recycle boxes and packaging and why?

We collect used boxes and used packaging material from the importers and surrounding Sydney businesses such as Ben Buckler Boards who very generously give us all their used bubble wrap.

This means that we are actively reducing rubbish by re-using instead of getting packaging materials manufactured for us. It would be nice to have branded boxes from a marketing persepective, but we feel this is not environmentally responsible when we have the ability to re-use.

Rest assured that all products within the recycled packaging are the highest quality supplies made for the extreme demands of the hospitality industry.

We hope that we are leading by example and our customers will also keep and re-use their packaging materials.

For more information on how we work, please see our customer service page or our helpful videos page.

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