Polysafe Unbreakable Drinkware is widely considered the worlds best glassware. They make a huge range of polycarbonate glassware - everything from schooners, to cocktails glasses, and even wine carafes. Because of their highly glass-like finish you’re able to seamlessly transition from glass, to the polycarbonate with minimal interruption to service, great for venues that are required to switch to non-glass drinkware after a certain time of night. As the ‘Unbreakable’ part of their name suggests, these glasses are robust! They stand up to being dropped, and are completely dishwasher safe. Polysafe also offer different colours - fantastic if you’ve got a colour scheme at your venue. If you are after a classic style of glassware standards, Polysafe are the supplier you’ve been looking for. The finish on Polysafe glassware is also ideal for printing on. If you have a logo you would like printed onto your glassware, feel free to get in touch and we can make the arrangements for you. After a prolonged period of use, your glassware may begin to be showing signs of age, at the Flying Fork we can offer a range of specialised Polysafe cleaners that will have them looking good as new in no time. Polysafe is really a great option for any type of venue, with their huge range, their robustness and their excellent quality.

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  1. Polycarbonate Bellini Flute 170ml (with 150ml Pour Line)
    $3.97 As low as $3.18
  2. Polycarbonate Jasper Tumbler 270ml
    $4.64 As low as $4.03
  3. Polycarbonate Martini Cocktail 200ml
    $7.26 As low as $6.30
  4. Polycarbonate Rock Tumbler 240ml - Clear
    $4.28 As low as $3.73
  5. Polycarbonate Shot 30ml
    $2.18 As low as $1.86
  6. Polycarbonate Vino Blanco 250ml (with 150ml Pour Line)
    $3.97 As low as $3.45
  7. Polycarbonate Vino Rosso 400ml with 150ml Pour Line
    $7.29 As low as $6.29
  8. Polycarbonate Vino Stemless 400ml (with 150ml Pour Line)
    $6.93 As low as $6.02
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