Athena are a hospitality supplier that have been producing tableware and serving ware to the hospitality industry for over a decade. They provide a vast range of products that includes high grade stainless steel cutlery, steak knives, serving utensils, teapots, serving trays and even cereal and drink dispensers. If food goes in it or on it, Athena are making it. Based in Lincolnshire in England (fun fact That’s where Isaac Newton was from!), Athena places an emphasis on usability and aesthetic - if looks great, that’s great, if it works great, even better. Everything from their slate platters to the double-walled glasses gives you the impression that Athena’s design team really have the user in mind when creating new products. If you are a cafe, or a restaurant, or if you have a very large family, Athena’s stylish range is well worth a look.
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