Amefa cutlery supplier that provide classic tableware designs with a twist . Amefa have abandoned the boring conventions of silvery coloured metals, and have opted for exciting finishes like black, gold and even copper!

The light seems to fall into this cutlery, as if there were some kind of gravitational pull.

We wanted to get them scientifically examined to test this theory, but NASA haven’t been returning our calls.

Even if there aren’t any gravitational anomalies occurring at a cutlery scale, we are impressed by the vividness of these colours, and we think your diners will be too.

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  1. Cake Fork - AUSTIN GOLD
    $3.11 As low as $2.64
  2. Dessert Spoon - AUSTIN GOLD
  3. Table Fork - AUSTIN GOLD
  4. Tea Spoon - AUSTIN GOLD
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