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  1. Top 5 ways to bring Spring to your table top

    Top 5 ways to bring Spring to your table top

    Spring has well and truly sprung, with warmer weather and fresh produce. The new season brings the opportunity to weave Spring throughout your venue with some simple and effective ideas.

    If you're anything like us, you'd be pumped for the next few months as more people are out and about enjoying the warm Spring air! So now is the time to get organised.

    Here are our top five ways to bring a little Spring into your venue without breaking the budget.

    1. Mix blue, white and gold

    Soft blues, whites and gold are a colour palette made in heaven. Mix different patterns of blue together, add in some inspired pastels, and finish with gold flatware.

    You could add interest and use plates that are unique in shape, like our modern

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  2. Top tips on recycling your unwanted plastic

    Since its invention over 100 years ago, plastic has left an indelible mark on our lives. Look around you, and almost everywhere you look, you’ll see plastic. It is truly one of the most remarkable inventions ever - it’s cheap, easy to produce, durable, and highly versatile. It has revolutionised the hospitality industry by making it much cheaper and easier to store food safely by replacing traditional earthenware, glass or even wood.

    It is only in the last few decades that we have started to take notice of the negative impact this 20th century marvel has had on our planet.

    As a material, plastic’s greatest strength is its durability. Unfortunately, this also means that most plastics will take a long time to break down once it has been discarded. Environmentally, this is a catastrophe, especially since much of the plastic we produce is intended for single use. This means the product has a very short lifespan before it ends up as landfill, where it can

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  3. How to choose coloured crockery that’s right for you

    How to choose coloured crockery that’s right for you

    Zuma’s exciting range of coloured tableware kicks conventional crockery to the kerb, with colours guaranteed to make your meals stand out.

    White is popular for crockery because it’s a neutral colour and doesn't clash with your ingredients. It doesn’t take anything away from your dish, but it won't add anything either. At the end of the day, it’s a conventional white piece of tableware, with a carefully prepared meal sitting on it. Boring!

    With a bit of careful planning and consideration, you can get some amazing meal and crockery colour match ups from the Zuma range!

    Think of the plate as a canvas and the food as your artwork

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  4. How to equip your Airbnb kitchen

    How to equip your Airbnb kitchen

    Becoming an AirBnB host offers all sorts of perks and experiences.You’ll be welcoming travellers to your home, sharpening your hospitality and people skills, and you get to show off the best aspects of your town to your guests. It’s also a great opportunity to generate income from the short term rental market.

    To maintain a regular stream of bookings, and generate positive feedback from your guests, it’s important that everyone has a great experience while staying at your AirBnB. An easy way to improve your guest’s experience is to provide a good quality kitchen that’s set up with the right cooking utensils and food prep equipment.

    But what does a well equipped kitchen actually look like? The sort of kitchen supplies you should include will allow people to easily make simple and not so simple dishes while they stay at your AirBnB.

    Crockery: Having some basic

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  5. How to care for stainless steel cutlery

    How to care for stainless steel cutlery

    What is stainless steel cutlery?

    The development of stainless steel cutlery was a triumph for the hospitality industry. Finally, they have a relatively cheap product that can resist rusting, heat damage, and most crucially for the food service industry, because it doesn’t react with chemical compounds found in food or in the mouth, stainless steel doesn’t produce the metallic taste that an alternative like silver plate cutlery does.

    While stainless steel has certainly made life a lot easier for food service, and is most certainly the industry standard now, there are a few things to consider when purchasing cutlery.

    Understanding stainless steel gradings

    Before you rush off to start buying truckloads of this miraculous cutlery, you will want to keep in mind the different types of cutlery that are on the market. When shopping, you will want to look for things that mention numbers like 18/10, 18/8 or 18/0. These numbers tell you about wha

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  6. Cocktail Time

    Cocktail Time

    Spring has sprung, the sun is out, and christmas holidays are round the corner. You know what time it is - COCKTAIL time!

    For the owner of a bar or restaurant, the start of spring is the perfect time of year to think about updating your glassware.

    At the flying fork, our fantastic range Unbreakable Polysafe glassware not only looks great, they survive being dropped onto hard surfaces, comply with licensing laws prohibiting glass containers, and require a lower carbon footprint to produce!

    They can also be recycled, and will last thousands of dishwasher cycles.

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  7. What is Kombucha?

    What is Kombucha?

    Kombucha is an exotic sounding fermented drink has grown from a relatively niche product into a trendy new alternative to soft drinks and juices.

    In this article, The Flying Fork have reviewed the drink to help share the love.

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